Linking thinking – Self directed learning online and offline

In this chapter of linking thinking, the author aimed to describe various aspects of self directed learning, such as its deffinition, attempts to study it, ways in which it is affected by ICT and ways in which it affects ICT in return. Self directed learning was perhaps best defined by Tough in 1960ś. Though said that self-directed learning could best be defined in units of „learning projects“, which is „the deliberate and sustained attempt to learn something extending over more than seven hours and directed by the learner himself“. The main point is that directed learning happening trough institutions is only a fraction of lifelong learning that is going on both intentionaly and unintentionaly. Research around this subject more or less begun with Toughś work in 1960ś, which is surprising because self directed learning was enjoying a great boom from early 19. century. It is difficult to gather reliable data in this field, because of self-reporting nature of data obtained from self-learners. Some important aspects have been established however, such as different types of learning motivation and approaches to learning. For these see the mindmap under the article.

Today, the field of online learning is the most relevant area for study. Many questions are as of yet unanswered. Is online self-learning hindering our social skills? How great is the impact of information bubbles on our overall learning process? Is information online mostly out of context and therefore imposible for us to propperly implement? The last point this chapter made is, that not only is the self-learning initiative influenced by ICT, but the developement of ICT is also influenced by self-learning community. Be it in the field of knowledge management software or hardware engineering, the needs of self-learners have always been mirrored in ICT sphere.  There is however very little to no literature that tries to elaborate on this issue.

My thoughts on this subject:
-in my oppinion the most important issue we have to think about in connection with online learning is the lack of focus many of us experience. There is simply too many sources of differing quality, too many courses one can take to any given subject, and whatever we start, there is always that little voice saying that you could have chosen a better source and this one is wasting your time

-very closely related to this is the fact that the scissors of potentiality are so widely open that focusing on any one area specifically.
In my oppinion, strategies for overcomming information overload are much more important than learning strategies

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